Raise money for your class trip or association!
.. and help someone else to go to school.

In addition to filling your own cash register, you at the same time help to spread joy, give hope and create positive change in our world.

The feeling of helping someone else

Today, many schools and socks associations sell or cookies to raise money.

We want to take it a step further, where the era effort allows children in Guinea to go to school and get the chance for a better life.

Win-win in his best form!

A valuable effort while helping yourselves.
For each collected crown, 50% goes to class/association and 50% to children's schooling in Guinea.

Start any time!
It's easy to start a fundraiser.
The fundraiser starts when you want to
and lasts as long as it suits you.

Contact us today!

So we make sure you get all the material home to be able to get started!.