Together we are strong

We are me – we are YOU – we are anyone – (and not just anyone).
Baobab is a community that works together to help children to a better life.
By using our own interests and strengths, we can make a big difference
while we have fun and develop together with others.

We are simply people and groups from all sorts of backgrounds who work together for this common vision.
We give our time and our commitment to helping ourselves, others and each other.

And we'd love you to be there.

Contribute something you love

As an event holder, you can hold occasional or regular events, e.g. once a month.
You will receive support in marketing through baobab community's network, your event can be seen on the event calendar here on the website and on the facebook page "Baobab Events".

The foundation is that you do something you love. Whether it is cooking, playing football, cultivating, dancing, yoga, building, repairing bikes or making jewelry. Whatever it is that you can invite others to take part of.

See upcoming events

Give a benefit to Baobab Crew

As a beneficiary, you support those involved in the work of Baobab School. It can be in the form of massage, vegetables you have grown, discount on the courses you hold, or in the shop you run/work. A great way to support those who help others. A lovely win-win.

We all have the opportunity to make a positive difference in our world.
Anytime and anywhere.
No matter who we are.
"I'm a person you don't know, but I'm ready to help you."
The positive emotions generated when we help someone else
raises our own sense of joy..

Joina Baobab Community

Come as you are – together we find the opportunities to contribute and develop together.