It started with 20 street children

Baobab School opened its doors for the first time on April 2, 2007 with a capacity for 20 street children who could receive primary school studies in the village of Cosa/Simbaya, Guniea Conakry.

The children of the village come from different backgrounds, religion, and tribes. Some have parents, others don't. This also means that the level of learned knowledge is different, and we have therefore chosen to divide the classes at first stage based on the level of knowledge and not by age. School week is from Monday-Friday 8-14, and since there are still lots of children in the village who are passionate about a place in school, we have mandatory attendance, and if you can't fill your seat, you can leave room for someone who can. But the children are very eager to learn.

Today, 863 children can go to school daily at Baobab School, including 52% girls and 48% boys. Students who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to school show repeatedly outstanding results and a strong willingness to develop.